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Choosing the best food becomes personal on Open Food Facts!

The Open Food Facts website and our new mobile app Smoothie for Android or iPhone now allow you to immediately see how well food products match YOUR personal preferences (while fully respecting YOUR privacy).

What’s the most important to you when choosing food products?

At Open Food Facts, we know that everyone is unique, with different constraints, preferences, wishes and aspirations for choosing food products.

(e.g. good nutritional quality, little salt, sugar or fat, avoiding ultra-processed foods, environmental friendliness, vegetarian or vegan foods, organic products, products without allergens or additives....)

So we now let you indicate the criteria you care about, and how much importance they have for you:

Some of the criteria related to nutritional quality

Set mandatory criterias if there are products you don't eat at all (for instance if you are vegetarian, or are allergic). We will highlight those products in red if you scan them and filter them out of your search results.
Set your other criterias as "very important" or "important". Very important criterias will have twice more weight when you compare products.

See first what's the most important for you

Once you have set your criteria on the Open Food Facts website or our new app Smoothie, we will always show you first what you care the most about:

Small icons immediately show what the user selected: if the product is gluten free and vegan, and its nutritional quality (Nutri-Score).

Products that do not match your mandatory preferences (e.g. gluten-free) are shown in red.

The small product cards you immediately see when scanning or searching products will feature icons to indicate how well they match your criteria. For instance you can choose to see the Nutri-Score or Eco-Score grade (currently available in 10 European countries) , how many food additives they contain, if they are organic, high on salt, sugars or fat etc.

When you click or tap on a product card to get the full product page, the top of the page will show more information about each of your criteria. So if you are on a low sodium diet for instance, the product card will have a colored salt icon to show if the product has a low, medium or high salt content, and on the top of the product page you will see exactly how much salt the product contains.

Easily find the products that best match your criteria

When searching food products on the Open Food Facts website or the new Smoothie app,  you can sort the results by how well food products match your criteria.

And when you are shopping in a store, the new Smoothie app for Android or iPhone makes it very easy to compare the food products that are in front of you.

If you are hesitating between a few different products, you can quickly scan their barcodes and tap on "My personal ranking" to immediately see the best ranked product according to your criteria.


A completely personalized experience that does not compromise your privacy!

Open Food Facts is a non-profit organization committed to the common good, and we truly care about your privacy and won’t of course sell or transfer your personal information to anyone. But we go even further than that: your personal food preferences stay on your phone or your computer, they are not sent to Open Food Facts or anyone else. All the cool personalization of product cards and pages and of the ranking of search results happens on YOUR device, not on our servers.


Thank you very much to our funders and the Open Food Facts community!

The new personalization features of Open Food Facts and our new Smoothie mobile app have been made possible thanks to the support of our funders and of the volunteers of the Open Food Facts community:

And thank you!

Open Food Facts is a non-profit collaborative project, all we do would not be possible without all our volunteers, contributors, users and donors all over the world.

The new Smoothie app is still very experimental, and we would love to hear from you and get your feedback and ideas to improve it. You can contact us at or join our community on our Slack.

You can also support our work by making a donation to the Open Food Facts nonprofit organization:

Donate to Open Food Facts

Thank you!

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Open Food Facts is recruiting a full-stack developer


Open Food Facts is quickly growing and expanding internationaly, and we are looking for a full stack developer to join our team. If you like to have a large-scale impact and values like transparency, the common good and the sharing of knowledge are important to you, please read on!

Open Food Facts is an association created in 2012 that uses transparency to transform the food system. In 2015, we supported the launch of the 5-color score, now better known as Nutri-Score. This year, we launched the Eco-Score which earned us the support of the foundation. These coming months will be devoted in particular to the extension of the Eco-Score in Europe and beyond.

Open Food Facts is a small team (less than 5 people) with a wide variety of missions and technologies.

The developer will work with the CTO to:

  • develop and maintain Open Food Facts core applications:
    • Product Opener: the web platform that runs (Perl + MongoDB). Database, backend, API and web frontend.
    • our mobile projects: the Open Food Facts Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) apps and our new Flutter app
    • AI models integration in Python (machine learning skills is a bonus)
    • new Open Food Facts applications (Python, PostgreSQL, Perl, JS...)
  • document their projects and contribute to the collaborative documentation of Open Food Facts
  • support volunteer developers from the community
  • participate in infrastructure administration tasks (Linux servers, ProxMox infra, Docker)
  • actively participate in debates and technical decisions.
She or he enjoys learning new technologies. It is not necessary to master the entire stack cited, but it will be important to quickly gain skills on these subjects.

He or she is autonomous on his or her missions, manage projects in a strong international context (English is essential and knowing more languages is useful), fully participate in the development of our growing project, and be a force for proposal.

She or he has an open source culture, a solid knowledge of the web and of collaborative development (Git, Github, ...). Finally, he or she has a good data culture: issues, collection, processing, formats, tools, etc.

Open Food Facts is both a demanding and very flexible organization. We all work remotely (preferable location between GMT-6 and GMT + 6). Each employee can use the computer hardware and development tools of their choice.

6-month fixed-term contract, with prospects for permanent employment. Gross remuneration from 2200 to 4000 € monthly according to experience.

To apply, contact us at and send us your resume, cover letter or any form of presentation.

Stéphane, Anca, Pierre et Charles
The core team, from left to right: Stéphane, Anca, Pierre and Charles.


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Open Food Facts laureate of the Google Fellowship and the Google Impact Challenge for Climate


In a nutshell

  • Open food facts will extend the Eco-score throughout Europe, gradually joined by other members of the Eco-Score consortium

  • The momentum has already started: we have launched a first version in 8 countries, and European distributors are starting to adopt it
  • Consumers can now see the environmental impact of more than 400,000 everyday products.
  • decided to give us a very important support by selecting Open Food Facts among the laureates of the Google Impact Challenge and by giving us the benefit of the Google Fellowship which will allow 7 Googlers to come and strengthen the permanent and volunteer teams for 6 months to help us improve our artificial intelligence algorithms and our mobile application.

Strong support from to Open Food Facts

In April, We announced that Open Food Facts was awarded a grant of 1.1M euros to support its work. Since good news come in pair, today, Google has announced that at least 7 of its employees will also spend the next six-months working full-time for Open Food Facts, as part of the Fellowship , a pro bono programme that matches Google employees with nonprofits and civic entities on technical projects. We are very proud that the community work of Open Food Facts has caught the attention of

Together with Fellows, Open Food Facts will build a model to automatically compute the Eco-Score for millions of products, using machine learning and natural language processing. They’ll also work together to build a new mobile app to help users rank products, track their consumption and organise their pantries to reduce food waste.

Eco-Score expands in Europe

We are also pleased to announce on this occasion the extension of the Eco-Score beyond France, to eight other European countries, including Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland.

With a simple scan on the Open Food Facts mobile app, shoppers in those countries can now see the environmental impact score of more than 400,000 everyday grocery items, from coffee and cereal to pasta and biscuits.

With one quarter of global emissions coming from food, consumers are increasingly concerned about the environmental impact of their everyday purchase decisions. 

We hope that the Eco-Score will help retailers meet this growing demand; already, a number of major grocery chains, including Lidl in Germany, have launched Eco-Score pilots, and are about to add the label to thousands of products online and in select stores.

By the end of the year, Open Food Facts expects to expand to 27 more countries, and have more than a million products scored, growth made possible through additional support they’ve received from the Impact Challenge on Climate.


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Real-time product data from producers on Open Food Facts, thanks to the new EQUADIS integration

(Version en français)

Manufacturers can now send real-time photos and data of their products from Equadis to Open Food Facts.


Always up-to-date data

Producers can send complete information on all their products, with a reduced risk of error, and most importantly, update them automatically in real time. This is very important because the composition of many products changes over time, for example when manufacturers improve recipes to remove additives, or improve the Nutri-Score.

Data useful to everyone, including manufacturers !

Sharing their product data with Open Food Facts via Equadis allows manufacturers to make their products visible on the Open Food Facts app and site (used each month by more than 2 million people), and on more than 100 apps and general or specialized services that use the Open Food Facts database. Data is also used by research teams, and having complete and up-to-date data greatly facilitates their work.

The integration of data via Equadis also gives access to the free Open Food Facts platform for producers which also allows :

  • to indicate additional information (such as links to product details on the brand's website, contact details for consumer and sales departments)
  • compute and check their Nutri-Score, the NOVA processing level and very soon the Eco-score
  • to identify opportunities for product improvement (for example, when possible, we propose reachable changes in composition to improve the Nutri-Score)

Unilever France's testimony 

« Every day, 2.5 billion people use Unilever products to look after their appearance, to feel good and to eat. Unilever manages a portfolio of brands in France that are very well known to the general public, with a significant number of references, sometimes seasonal, and with nutritional characteristics that are sometimes tedious to input (for example for dehydrated products). In a desire for transparency and answers to the needs of consumer actors, Unilever with its partner EQUADIS has decided to share its entire catalog, and the products now have data validated in Open Food Facts, but also for the various specialized apps that Unilever customers use every day. »

How can I move forward ?

  • If you are an Equadis customer : all you have to do is contact your account manager to request free activation of the connection with Open Food Facts.
  • If you are not an Equadis customer, you can also directly use the free producer platform, by uploading an Excel file with your product data. The import works with any CSV or Excel file, regardless of the column name.
  • If you have one or more individual accounts on Open Food Facts, contact us in order to convert them into producer accounts and link them to a company account, in order to benefit from all the advantages (data protection, analysis of reformulation opportunities ).
  • For any questions, you can contact us at

Barilla's testimony

« In a desire for transparency and continuous updating, Barilla has been sending Open Food Facts since 2018 the information and photos of the products of its Barilla, Harry's and Wasa brands. The regular improvement of recipes is indeed a key point at Barilla, in order to provide consumers with products of optimal nutritional quality (more than 450 recipes reformulated since 2010, elimination of additives on more and more products). Thanks to the integration of data into Open Food Facts via Equadis, updating is now automatic.»

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The 5 major projects of Open Food Facts in 2021

Since 2012, Open Food Facts has been transforming food by making information transparent and actionable (consumer choices, scientific research, etc). With over 1,500,000 products already added and more than 50,000 monthly product changes, this work is a constant challenge. In 2021, we want to multiply our impacts, towards new horizons.

5 major transformative projects await us in 2021 and need your generosity. If each reader of this post gives $20, we will be able to fully carry out these 5 major projects.

I support Open Food Facts

1. Open Food Facts takes a big green turn

In 2021, Open Food Facts is doubling down on the environmental impact of food. Using new data (packaging, ADEME data, Envol Vert data), we are going to produce, for hundreds of thousands of products, two environmental impact indicators: the Eco-Score and the Forest Foodprint. A simple objective: to re-enact the success of Nutri-Score in the field of the environment.

Since 2015, OFF computes Nutri-Score, which was the 1st simplified way of understanding the nutrition impact of food on your health. It has been since adopted by France, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, and many countries are now considering adopting it to help citizens make better food choices. Five years after this, the impact of the Nutri-Score on food is tangible in real life, beyond the initial scientific paper of Pr. Hercberg: better choices for citizens and a strong incentive for producers. In our context of climate and environmental crisis, the challenge of environmental information must also be met!

2. Product research: my choices, my life

Many of you have told us they want to search, filter, classify, compare products according to YOUR search criteria - and without anyone knowing if you are vegan, diabetic or allergic to milk. Tired of being tracked: let's free up research, not our personal data!

Personal search that's the name of this feature, will allow you to use a large number of criteria - allergens, nutritional scores, environmental scores, etc. - to easily rank and filter the products you want, according to your terms. This feature was designed to fully respect your privacy: it works in your browser and not on our servers, so you are the only one to know your selection criteria.

3. New uses: personalized tags and labels for each product

We want to offer everyone the freedom to label each product. Bitter products, blue products, products that have been the subject of a recall, products which are dangerous for young children, products sold in vending machines, products which require a microwave oven, etc. Thousands of new uses are thus becoming possible.

Do you want to indicate the colors of the products for themed dinners or for an artistic approach? Want to collect all the products containing a cartoon character? Do you want to search for frozen products? Or is your teenager looking for noisy mouth-watering products for ASMR? Free tags allow you to add any information and share it with other enthusiasts.

4. Open Food Facts loves science !

For the past few years, Open Food Facts has grown into the database of reference for more than ten recognized scientific studies, and we regularly collaborate with several research teams. In 2021, we will double down: Open Food Facts will collaborate with the NutriNet-Santé project, one of the largest cohorts for nutritional studies worldwide.

On the one hand, this involves facilitating the entry of food data for the over 160,000 members of the cohort (in particular by scanning the food using the Open Food Facts API). On the other hand, we will enrich the data from NutriNet-Santé with those from Open Food Facts (ingredients, additives, nutritional composition, information on packaging, etc.), to provide scientists with an unparalleled granularity of information at this scale.

5. Open Food Facts answers you

Each week we receive dozens of emails with questions, comments, or thanks. Often in English, but also in French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Hungarian ... in almost all the languages ​​in which we are translated (several dozen!). "Open Food Facts answers you", is the possibility given to the advanced contributors of all the countries, to be able to answer in the language of the interlocutor, while keeping the private side of the correspondence.

Let's be honest, the small permanent team can no longer carry out this daily work, especially in languages ​​that it does not master. By distributing the workload in this way, we give each email the possibility of getting a satisfactory answer quickly.

These 5 major projects are transformative and very impactful. We need your help to make them happen.

Donate to Open Food Facts

Thank you for your support,
Anca, Florence, Léonore, Marie, Sylvia, Charles, Christian, Ludovic, Pierre, Sébastien, Stéphane, Vincent and the whole Open Food Facts team.

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A great thank you to the Mozilla and the Ford Foundation for their support to the new Open Food Facts app

Open Food Facts is one of the winners of the FOSDEM pitch contest

We are very happy to announce that the Mozilla Foundation has awarded Open Food Facts $10,000 USD to fund work on the next version of the Open Food Facts app, through the Mozilla Open Source Support (or MOSS for short) seed award.

Earlier this year, Pierre Slamich, cofounder of Open Food Facts, participated in an open source speed dating event at FOSDEM, the largest European Open Source conference. We won the award after explaining our project for a new Open Food Facts app that’s both easier to use and more useful, to a panel of open source experts.

A great support to Open Source and Open Data

We would like to thank the Ford Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation and Open Collective for this great support to the Open Source and Free Software communities, and we are honored to be among impactful projects such as F-Droid (a privacy and user right focused app store, that keeps you in control thanks to open source software) or Cryptpad (an online collaborative office suite, that is zero-knowledge, meaning that you technically are the only person that can read your important documents).

How are we going to use these funds?

We are developing a new Flutter-based app focused on exploring new ways to use the Open Food Facts data, and on enabling new contributing experiences. 

To that effect, Primaël Quémerais (who you may know if you have already used the openfoodfacts-dart plugin) has joined us full-time on April 1st, and will work throughout the next months to develop the new app.

The new technology should enable synchronized Android and iPhone releases, with the same exciting features. The initial core features of this new app will be:

  • A simplified photo-based contribution experience. Contribute product photos instantly. No wait, even if the connection is spotty.
  • Personalized product recommendations based on your food choices, and the best scientific evidence available. 
  • And of course, the core feature of Open Food Facts since 2012, our barcode scan, with a concise and scientific product evaluation.

Join the project!

All our work is open source, and everyone is welcome!

You can read the Project Smoothie coordination page on the Wiki, and join the Open Food Facts slack discussion room, on the #smoothie canal (click here to self-invite).
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The new Open Food Facts app to better decipher labels and participate in the common good.

Since 2012, the Open Food Facts app makes it possible to scan food products, to decrypt their labels, and also to participate in the construction of the largest collaborative, free and open database on food products . But in 7 years, the app had taken a bit of dust, so today we're very excited to introduce the new Open Food Facts apps for iPhone and Android , and tell you how you can help us create an even more useful app with our crowdfunding campaign A better nutrition for a better health: let's mobilize!

Mobile App Open Food Facts

What's new ?

  • Continuous barcode scanning provides instant Nutri-Score and the NOVA group of ultra-processed products. You can now scan several products in a shopping aisle without having to click a button. The time saved is very appreciable when you shop!
  • If a product does not exist yet in the database, it can be added in less than a minute to get Nutri-Score and NOVA. It's useful for you, and it's also useful for the millions of other people who use Open Food Facts or one of over 150 other applications that use our database. Many thanks to all of you who add or help complete products!
  • The offline mode allows to scan products and get their Nutri-Score and NOVA group without an Internet connection . This is very convenient when you are in a store without network, and for all people who have a mobile plan without data (many among high school students). The offline mode is currently only available on iPhone.
  • The app can scan several products and compare them side by side , to be able to choose when hesitating between a few products in a store.
  • The app allows you to create lists and add products. This can be a shopping list, a list of what you eat, or lists to manage your stocked products (freezer, cellar, pantry etc.) and avoid waste. For now only on Android.
The iPhone and Android apps have been completely rewritten and are also more stable and faster.

Try the new Open Food Facts app

Collaborative and open source development

Many volunteer developers from all over the world participated in the development of all these novelties (a big thank you in particular to Aurélien, Prajwal, Fred, Divyansh, Subhanjan, Shubham, Ross, Karl, Branden, Prashant, Roger, Arnaud, Rudrank, Andrès, Manogna, Saumia, Nasia, Qian, Raphael, Naofumi, Lizzy, Dionysis, Pierre ... and all the others!). Many features have been added to the Android app by Huzaifa who was able to work for 2 months developing the application, during the Google Summer of Code 2018. And thanks to a grant from Santé publique France (Public Health France) and your donations on HelloAsso and Lilo , we were also able to hire for a few weeks Philippe, a freelance developer who helped us a lot in particular to develop and finalize the iPhone app.

Help us imagine and create an even more useful app!

The new Open Food Facts apps are available on the App Store and Google Play and are a big step forward from the previous version, but there's still a lot to do to make the app even more convenient and useful. .

It's in progress:

  • Improve ergonomy so that the app is more intuitive.
  • Make collecting photos and information on new products easier and faster.
  • Fixing the bugs.

It's planned :

  • Detection of products that are suitable for vegetarians or vegans.
  • Offline mode on Android.
  • Comparison of products on iPhone.
  • Product lists on iPhone.

And we have many other ideas, for example:

  • Allow synchronization and multi-device backup that respects privacy.
  • Integrate Open Beauty Facts into Open Food Facts to simplify the scan and contribution of cosmetics.
  • Take the opportunity to merge also Open Pet Food Facts and Open Products Facts to really have a UNIVERSAL scanner :-)
  • Post scientific recommendations on certain food categories. Did you know, for example, that sea salt does not contain iodine, and that it is recommended to consume iodized salt?
  • View personalized tips or alerts on products, based on diet or dietary restrictions, as we already do for allergies.
  • View health alerts and product recalls issued by your local authorities and their counterparts abroad.
  • Add a system of recommendations of alternative products that is based on scientific criteria, which takes into account allergies, food prohibitions, availability in stores and offers alternatives that meet your criteria.
  • To be able to have a summary of the products consumed during a period in visual form.
  • A Dark Mode, because it will soon become the latest MUST-HAVE to scan at night in the fridge ;-) ;-)

Do you have other ideas?

Could you tell us what you find most important and what features would be most useful to you?

Participate in the development or its financing!

The code of the Open Food Facts app is open source and is on Github : iPhone (Swift) , Android (Java) Any goodwill to correct bugs and/or add new features is of course welcome! Join us on our Slack chat room (#ios and #android channels) to discuss the app. The vast majority of the Open Food Facts code is developed by volunteers, but their availability can not of course be guaranteed. Being able to hire a dedicated developer, if only for a few weeks, can accelerate development much. This is particularly the case when it is necessary to tackle a redesign of a part of the code, or the development of a consequent functionality, and when it is necessary to solve the bugs which block the deployment of a new version . The hiring of Philippe in March and April thanks to the grant from Santé publique France (Public Health France) and your donations was really very useful. So today we are launching a campaign to fund future mobile app enhancements: A Better nutrition for a better health: let's mobilize!

Support the development of the app

Many thanks in advance for your support!

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1 million products and 1 million thanks to all Open Food Facts contributors!

Open Food Facts now has 1 million food products worldwide! A huge thank you to the tens of thousands of people who have joined the Open Food Facts project since 2012, who have added products, photographed them, and entered their information in our great Wikipedia of food!

1 million products and 1 million thanks!

Thanks to you, we have been able to build together the largest open database of food products in the world.

It is a citizen and collaborative database, because food is everyone's business - not just that of the agri-food industry and public authorities - and we can all be actors to bring more transparency.

It is a free, open and public database, because information on food products is of public interest and it thus must be public and freely reusable by everyone for all purposes: for consumers to understand labels and to compare products, but also for scientific research, journalistic investigations, data-driven public policies, etc.

It is a non-profit, collaborative database, independent of the industry, to ensure that the general interest remains our only guide.

It is an open base for all types of product information, in which we are adding more and more fields to more and more domains, so that it can address all the issues related to food such as those which impact on our health, the environment and society.

It is a global database, to address these issues at the scale of the planet, and to encourage the dissemination of best practices around the world.

Open Food Facts is a great example that all of us can be change makers:

  • through our own choices, by using the Open Food Facts mobile app or one of the many other applications that use our database.
  • by participating in the construction of a common good, and adding products or completing information on Open Food Facts.

Reaching 1 million products is a great success and a great reward for the efforts of each of us for the last 7 years. We can collectively be very proud of it.

Of course there is still a lot to do, and we need your help:


Donate to Open Food Facts

A million thanks to all of you who are involved in the project or are supporting it!

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