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Introducing Open Products Facts - All your product are belong to us

Yesterday morning, the Open Food Facts team woke up to a stunning revelation. Collecting the world's food, cosmetic and pet food was so passé. With the insane progress made over the past year, we must surely be close to completing our mission to collect all the food and cosmetic products in the world, right ?

So we set up to create not 1, but other 77000 separate new databases ! Open Products Facts will be an extremely ambitious project. Here are a few of them:
Tomorrow, we will select the 3 most sucessful databases, and we will start collecting all the matching products in the world ? Will it be trash cans, télécartes, or mobile phones database ? So if you like t-shirts, cooking books, origami paper or snow globes, Start Scanning using the Open Products Facts Android app on Google Play (fdroid and iOS coming soon) :-)
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Open Food Facts celebrates its 5th anniversary with more than 1000 cakes!

Launched on May 19, 2012 with 700 products, Open Food Facts - a collaborative, free and open database on food products from around the world - now totals more than 320,000 products, thanks to nearly 6,000 contributors who - using their smartphones - scan the barcodes of products, take photos and add them to the database.

Open Food Facts turns 5!

The database contains more than 1000 cakes for which one can consult and compare the ingredients, the nutritional intakes, the Nutri-Score color grade, etc. Here is a dynamic graph showing sugar and fat in cakes, created in 1 minute with the Open Food Facts search form:

1000 cakes

Open Food Facts is a citizen-led, non-profit organization
that is fully supported by a volunteer team that offers everyone the opportunity to participate in collecting and collecting public interest data on the food we eat.

The data, which is related to food and nutrition, but also to health and the environment (origin of ingredients, manufacturing sites, palm oil etc.) is made available to all (as open data) and is reused in many other services and applications. Open Food Facts data has also been reused for scientific studies (notably by Professor Hercberg's team for the Nutri-Score simplified labeling system).

We all eat 3 times a day and we are all concerned!

If you also think that more transparency, information and knowledge is good for consumers and the world, join us to open food products on Open Food Facts and also cosmetics on Open Beauty Facts.

Discover the project and the different ways to help, install our mobile app, and chat with us on our Slack .

You can also make a donation to the Open Food Facts non-profit association.Enregistrer
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Goodbye Open Food Facts and Open Beauty Facts: welcome to Open Pet Food Facts!

Introducing Open Pet Food Facts

In the grand tradition of making technology available to pets and pets owners, the team of volunteers behind Open Food Facts and Open Beauty Facts is proud to introduce a solution to the looming overweight issue with pets.

Meet Open Pet Food Facts

Dog Food, Cat Food, Bird Food or Fish Food ? YOU get to decide

Although Open Food Facts went from 100k to 300k products in just a few months, indexing all the food in the world proves to be a sizeable challenge: there are still millions of products not yet indexed all over the world. As a result, we decided to focus on a task easier to achieve: Pet Food. And while we love all pets equally, in order to make our objective reachable, we have to focus only on one kind of pet: dogs, or cats or birds, etc.

But the good news is that you get to decide which pet that is, by participating in our worldwide competition: 1 New Pet Food uploaded to Open Pet Food Facts = 1 Vote for the Pet Food type of your choice Realtime results:

One person can send as many votes as they want (in the form of a scanned product) and all votes must be sent before tonight at 24:00 GMT. So, if you want to help your cat, for example, eat healthy and keep that belly size under control, scan as many cat foods as you can in order to increase the chances of the Cat food to win and turn Open Pet Food Facts into Open Cat Food Facts. Or Open Dog Food Facts. Or Open Bird Food Facts.

You can also voice your support by sharing Open Pet Food Facts to your friends. Make sure to include #OpenPetFoodFacts and either #Dog #Cat, #Platypus or the animal that should be the king of Open Pet Food Facts. We're counting tweet activity as well in the competition: three retweets will count as one vote so don't keep them only for yourself.

The Open Pet Food Facts app is available for Android, and for iPhones Android version (also available on F-Droid for people without the Google Pet Store) iPhone/iPad version coming soon, use Open Food Facts app (Don't worry: we'll move all your pet products from Open Food Facts to Open Pet Food Facts, and uploads will also be counted)

About Open Pet Food Facts:

Open Pet Food Facts was created by Yaki and Tori, the 2 free range hens living in Stéphane Gigandet's garden who were upset that nothing was being done about open data for pet nutrition. They initially wanted to name it OpenChickenFoodFacts (not to be confused with OpenFriedChickenFoodFacts, which they disapprove of), but the neighboorhood stray cat somehow persuaded them to widen the scope of the project to other pets.

About Open Food Facts

A food products database

Open Food Facts is a database of food products with ingredients, allergens, nutrition facts and all the tidbits of information we can find on product labels.

Made by everyone

Open Food Facts is a non-profit association of volunteers. 5000+ contributors like you have added 315 000+ products from 150 countries using our Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app or their camera to scan barcodes and upload pictures of products and their labels.

For everyone

Data about food is of public interest and has to be open. The complete database is published as open data and can be reused by anyone and for any use. Check-out the cool reuses or make your own!
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Know what you eat: Open Food Facts opens the data for 100K food products from 177 countries

We eat 3 times a day, but we know very little about what we eat. To make it easier to better choose our food, more than 4600 individuals - like you and I - have been scanning barcodes of food products and taking pictures of their ingredients lists and nutrition facts table to contribute them to the collaborative database Open Food Facts.

Open Food Facts - 100K food products in open data

The project started in France 4 years ago, and the database now contains data for 100,000 products from over 177 countries. In the last year alone, we doubled the size of the database and the momentum is just accelerating even more across the planet.

Open Food Facts around the world

Open Food Facts is available or will soon be available in over 30 languages.
Translators, Photographers, Editors, Coders: We need your help to bring food transparency to a kitchen near you!

All the data is published under an open data licence which allows anyone to re-use the data and build new apps, services and products on top of it. There are now more than 30 re-uses for things we could not have imagined, from health and fitness apps, special diet apps, to connected objects, scientific studies, and press investigations.

Here are some  examples of how Open Food Facts data is re-used:

  • is a global game to sensibilize children about sugar using local products they are familiar with.
  • Across Europe, MadeNear.Me is taking advantage of Open Food Facts to make Food Factories transparency happen.
  • US Data Scientists are creating exciting data-visualisation using the US base that keeps growing. Kaggle World Food Facts.
  • Italian app developpers have developped Magnifico Reader, an app that performs live Computer Vision and uses Open Food Facts to create an augmented reality experience around products.
  • Researchers and journalists from many countries are taking advantage of the sheer size of the base to perform analysis that just could not be done with such accuracy before.
  • And we can't wait to see what international makers and developpers will come up next to expand Open Food Facts and use it in ways that are relevant to their communities.


Join the Food Revolution today by downloading the App on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone or Ubuntu Mobile, and scanning products from your country.


Available on the App Store
Available on Google Play
Windows Phone Store
Android APK

Spread the word around you and mobilize your community to keep building and improving food transparency in your country, one product at the time.

Would you like to get involved? Send us an email to or join us on the Open Food Facts Slack.


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Open Food Facts turns 4, 83K food products in open data!

Open Food Facts launched 4 years ago on May 19th 2012. Following the paths of free and open projects like Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, it has published open data for 83 451 food products from 141 countries thanks to the work of its 3776 contributors.

Open Food Facts contributors use their smartphones to scan barcodes of food products at home or in stores and to take pictures of ingredients lists and nutrition facts table. All the data then becomes available on the Open Food Facts web site.

The data is published under a free licence (Open Database Licence - ODbL) and it is reused in more than 30 other apps, services and products, ranging to games to educate about nutrition like How much sugar?, to mobile apps for persons with special diets (without allergens, palm oil, high sodium / fat / sugar content etc.), public health scientific studies, and even connected devices (a kitchen scale).

If you think more transparency, information and knowledge for consumers is a good thing for the world, join us to open food products on Open Food Facts and now cosmetics on Open Beauty Facts! Discover the project, install our mobile app, and come discuss with us on our Slack.

Open Food Facts turns 4 years old!

Original launch announcement in French on May 19th 2012.

4 years anniversary announcement on Hackernews.

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50k food products in open data and a worldwide scan party!

Keywords :

Ingredients, additives, nutrition facts and much more data is now openly available for 50 000 food products on the free and open database Open Food Facts.

50 000 food products in #opendata

In just 3 years, the 2000 contributors to the Open Food Facts project have opened the data for 50 000 food products from 134 countries by scanning their barcodes and taking pictures of their ingredients lists and nutrition facts tables using the Open Food Facts Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app.

The database is published under the Open Database Licence and it can be downloaded and reused by anyone and for all uses. 15 apps, web sites and even connected objects (Terraillon's latest connected food scale) already use the data to create new services.

All this is possible thanks to all the individual Open Food Facts contributors worldwide. You can see the result of their work on Open Food Facts, and now you can meet those passionate and tireless individuals on Scan Party, a new site dedicated to showing pictures of Open Food Facts contributors in action, organizing scan parties and linking to news from the local Open Food Facts communities around the world.

Discover more about the project and join us!

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Open Food Facts wins an Open Knowledge Award in Madrid, and it means a lot to us!

Open Food Facts is one of the winners of the OKFN Awards for Open knowledge, Open data and Transparency organized by OKFN Spain with the support of Open Knowledge. The winners were announced in Madrid on Open Data Day, February 21st 2015.

On behalf of all Open Food Facts contributors, we would like to thank the jury and the organizers for this award that recognizes the hard work of all our contributors around the world to make food information more transparent. It means a lot to us that our first international award comes from Open Knowledge Spain:

Open Food Facts is about building together a worldwide open database of food products. We are a non-profit organization, from the civil society, and we share all the values that Open Knowledge promotes. In many ways, OKFN's very strong network of communities around the world is a model for us.

On top of that, Spain is the first country outside France (where Open Food Facts started) that adopted Open Food Facts. Our first Spanish contributors translated the Open Food Facts Spain website and mobile apps and since then they added data for more than 2600 food products, which makes Spain the second country on Open Food Facts in terms of number of products.

Open data, transparency and collaboration does not stop at borders!

While the OKFN Awards are organized by OKFN Spain, the organizers made a lot of efforts to make it a truly international award, by involving the worldwide OKFN community, having judges from many different countries, having all the information in both Spanish and English, and encouraging candidates from all over the world to participate. Thank you very much for that!

Likewise, we are making a lot of efforts as well to make Open Food Facts a truly global project. Our 1500 contributors have already opened data for 35 000 food products from 112 countries and territories using their mobile phones to take pictures of products, ingredients and nutrition facts tables. But for many countries, we are still far of having enough products to allow interesting applications and re-uses. So on Open Data Day 2015, we launched Open Food Hunt, an operation to open the data of food products from as many different countries as possible, and more importantly to create and develop strong local communities of contributors.

Open Food Hunt

The Open Food Hunt page is available in English, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and new translations are of course very welcome! :-)

Would you like to help us to build a local Open Food Facts community in your country or be part of it? Get in touch!

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Open your beer and meet Open Food Facts at Fosdem'15 in Brussels

Keywords :

Some Open Food Facts members will be attending FOSDEM 2015 in Brussels this week-end. We are very much looking forward to the great talks like "UI design for open data" from Hollie Lubbock (on Sunday at 13:15 in the "AW1.126" room). While we won't have a booth or do a presentation, we certainly hope to meet fellow hackers interested in food... and in beer!

Belgium is the land of fine chocolates and fine beers, so we thought we could take this opportunity to open as many beers as possible. Not just the beers themselves (although we'll definitely have to drink them once they are opened), but the data on the beers labels: what ingredients it contains, how strong it is, where it was made etc.

In fact we are planning a big Open your beer! event for Open Data Day on February 21st, and FOSDEM in Brussels is a great opportunity to "beerstorm" what we could be doing with beer data. A map of the beers of the world for instance.

As an example, here is a graph that shows how much alcolhol there is in Belgian beers. You've been warned! We will certainly also have an alcohol-free version, "Open your root beer" maybe?

Let's meet!

Besides opening, drinking and talking beer, we would be very happy to present you Open Food Facts, give you one more cool sticker for your laptop, tell you how you can become involved, exchange ideas on what we could do and tips on which open technologies we could use etc.

We are currently using Perl and MongoDB for our backend, Tesseract for OCR of the ingredients, Wikidata to link some of our data, OpenStreetMap to map where products are made, and Cordova for our iOS, Android, Windows Phone and soon FirefoxOS apps.

If you are at FOSDEM and want to meet, just tweet us @OpenFoodFacts, e-mail flo @ or look for someone with a barcoded Open Food Facts tshirt! :-)

OFF logo

07/02/2015 - Update from our contributor Flo who spent a lot of time at the FOSDEM bar to present Open Food Facts and scan beers!

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