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50k food products in open data and a worldwide scan party!

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Ingredients, additives, nutrition facts and much more data is now openly available for 50 000 food products on the free and open database Open Food Facts.

50 000 food products in #opendata

In just 3 years, the 2000 contributors to the Open Food Facts project have opened the data for 50 000 food products from 134 countries by scanning their barcodes and taking pictures of their ingredients lists and nutrition facts tables using the Open Food Facts Android, iPhone or Windows Phone app.

The database is published under the Open Database Licence and it can be downloaded and reused by anyone and for all uses. 15 apps, web sites and even connected objects (Terraillon's latest connected food scale) already use the data to create new services.

All this is possible thanks to all the individual Open Food Facts contributors worldwide. You can see the result of their work on Open Food Facts, and now you can meet those passionate and tireless individuals on Scan Party, a new site dedicated to showing pictures of Open Food Facts contributors in action, organizing scan parties and linking to news from the local Open Food Facts communities around the world.

Discover more about the project and join us!

Open Food Facts

Open Food Facts

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