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A great thank you to the Mozilla and the Ford Foundation for their support to the new Open Food Facts app

Open Food Facts is one of the winners of the FOSDEM pitch contest

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We are very happy to announce that the Mozilla Foundation has awarded Open Food Facts $10,000 USD to fund work on the next version of the Open Food Facts app, through the Mozilla Open Source Support (or MOSS for short) seed award.

Earlier this year, Pierre Slamich, cofounder of Open Food Facts, participated in an open source speed dating event at FOSDEM, the largest European Open Source conference. We won the award after explaining our project for a new Open Food Facts app that’s both easier to use and more useful, to a panel of open source experts.

A great support to Open Source and Open Data

We would like to thank the Ford Foundation, the Mozilla Foundation and Open Collective for this great support to the Open Source and Free Software communities, and we are honored to be among impactful projects such as F-Droid (a privacy and user right focused app store, that keeps you in control thanks to open source software) or Cryptpad (an online collaborative office suite, that is zero-knowledge, meaning that you technically are the only person that can read your important documents).

How are we going to use these funds?

We are developing a new Flutter-based app focused on exploring new ways to use the Open Food Facts data, and on enabling new contributing experiences. 

To that effect, Primaël Quémerais (who you may know if you have already used the openfoodfacts-dart plugin) has joined us full-time on April 1st, and will work throughout the next months to develop the new app.

The new technology should enable synchronized Android and iPhone releases, with the same exciting features. The initial core features of this new app will be:

  • A simplified photo-based contribution experience. Contribute product photos instantly. No wait, even if the connection is spotty.
  • Personalized product recommendations based on your food choices, and the best scientific evidence available. 
  • And of course, the core feature of Open Food Facts since 2012, our barcode scan, with a concise and scientific product evaluation.

Join the project!

All our work is open source, and everyone is welcome!

You can read the Project Smoothie coordination page on the Wiki, and join the Open Food Facts slack discussion room, on the #smoothie canal (click here to self-invite).

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