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Answer this European Commission civic consultation for Nutri-Score in Europe

Par pierre • English • Friday 04/03/2022 • 0 comments • Version imprimable

Answer this European Commission civic consultation for Nutri-Score in Europe

The European Commission is consulting for the choice of a unique nutrition logo for Europe.

Nutri-Score, supported by the positive feedback in France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and more, as well as comprehensive scientific evidencce, is once again facing NutrInform, supported by food lobbys and other economic players hostile to Nutri-Score.

An online public consultation on front-of-pack nutritional labeling is taking place until March 7th.  Citizens, associations and NGOs, scientists, institutions, economic actors ... can participate

  • The online questionnaire is simple, fast and in English (less than 15 minutes)

  • It's each time a simple click/tap on one of the answers

  • Optional: you can write comments and / or add documents.

As we know that the consultation has circulated a lot among interest representatives (lobbys), we think it's important the wider public is aware and answers this consultation.

This consultation will inform the decision of the European Commission and the European Parliament, it is thus important to give your opinion (before March 7th), as an expert, or simply as a citizen.

Answer the consultation on the Nutri-Score in Europe

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