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Introducing Open Products Facts - All your product are belong to us

Par stephane • English • Sunday 01/04/2018 • 1 comment • Version imprimable

Yesterday morning, the Open Food Facts team woke up to a stunning revelation. Collecting the world's food, cosmetic and pet food was so passé. With the insane progress made over the past year, we must surely be close to completing our mission to collect all the food and cosmetic products in the world, right ?

So we set up to create not 1, but other 77000 separate new databases ! Open Products Facts will be an extremely ambitious project. Here are a few of them:
Tomorrow, we will select the 3 most sucessful databases, and we will start collecting all the matching products in the world ? Will it be trash cans, télécartes, or mobile phones database ? So if you like t-shirts, cooking books, origami paper or snow globes, Start Scanning using the Open Products Facts Android app on Google Play (fdroid and iOS coming soon) :-)


par Milas le Thursday 22/11/2018 à 18:09

I discovered your amazing project while your team had an event in Belgium few weeks ago. It was a wow effect for me, because I do care about healthy food and zero waste. I hope Open Food Facts will be the loud alert in the world, for a better food. I trully believe in natural food, that why I build Crudivores. Thank you all for making the food world a bit less toxic! 

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