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Open Food Facts incorporates as a non-profit organization

Par stephane • English • Thursday 20/03/2014 • 0 comments • Version imprimable

Open Food Facts started 2 years ago and has been steadily growing ever since: we now have 900 contributors who have added data for  more than 17000 products from around the world. In order to continue the development of the project, we are in the process of creating a not-for-profit association for Open Food Facts so that the project can have a dedicated legal entity (while Open Food Facts has always been a not for profit project, so far it has been hosted by the individual company of its founder who publishes cooking sites such as Very Good Recipes).

Open Food Facts will be incorporated in France as a "association 1901". 1901 refers to the year of the French law for not for profit organizations. If you can read French (or are not afraid of Google Translate), you can read more information about the association on this blog post: Création de l'association Open Food Facts et assemblée constitutive au NUMA à Paris le 11 avril 2014
We will try to translate the documents (such as bylaws etc.) to English and other languages so that everyone can participate. Let us know if you would like to help with the translation!

Registering as a non-profit association will enable us to send a clear signal that Open Food Facts is a not for profit project, to enable more people to participate in more aspects of the project, and also to give us the possibility to seek funding to develop more activites, such as accelerating the internationalization of the project or initiating more interesting reuses of the data.

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