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Real-time product data from producers on Open Food Facts, thanks to the new EQUADIS integration

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Manufacturers can now send real-time photos and data of their products from Equadis to Open Food Facts.


Always up-to-date data

Producers can send complete information on all their products, with a reduced risk of error, and most importantly, update them automatically in real time. This is very important because the composition of many products changes over time, for example when manufacturers improve recipes to remove additives, or improve the Nutri-Score.

Data useful to everyone, including manufacturers !

Sharing their product data with Open Food Facts via Equadis allows manufacturers to make their products visible on the Open Food Facts app and site (used each month by more than 2 million people), and on more than 100 apps and general or specialized services that use the Open Food Facts database. Data is also used by research teams, and having complete and up-to-date data greatly facilitates their work.

The integration of data via Equadis also gives access to the free Open Food Facts platform for producers which also allows :

  • to indicate additional information (such as links to product details on the brand's website, contact details for consumer and sales departments)
  • compute and check their Nutri-Score, the NOVA processing level and very soon the Eco-score
  • to identify opportunities for product improvement (for example, when possible, we propose reachable changes in composition to improve the Nutri-Score)

Unilever France's testimony 

« Every day, 2.5 billion people use Unilever products to look after their appearance, to feel good and to eat. Unilever manages a portfolio of brands in France that are very well known to the general public, with a significant number of references, sometimes seasonal, and with nutritional characteristics that are sometimes tedious to input (for example for dehydrated products). In a desire for transparency and answers to the needs of consumer actors, Unilever with its partner EQUADIS has decided to share its entire catalog, and the products now have data validated in Open Food Facts, but also for the various specialized apps that Unilever customers use every day. »

How can I move forward ?

  • If you are an Equadis customer : all you have to do is contact your account manager to request free activation of the connection with Open Food Facts.
  • If you are not an Equadis customer, you can also directly use the free producer platform, by uploading an Excel file with your product data. The import works with any CSV or Excel file, regardless of the column name.
  • If you have one or more individual accounts on Open Food Facts, contact us in order to convert them into producer accounts and link them to a company account, in order to benefit from all the advantages (data protection, analysis of reformulation opportunities ).
  • For any questions, you can contact us at

Barilla's testimony

« In a desire for transparency and continuous updating, Barilla has been sending Open Food Facts since 2018 the information and photos of the products of its Barilla, Harry's and Wasa brands. The regular improvement of recipes is indeed a key point at Barilla, in order to provide consumers with products of optimal nutritional quality (more than 450 recipes reformulated since 2010, elimination of additives on more and more products). Thanks to the integration of data into Open Food Facts via Equadis, updating is now automatic.»

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